European Guided Bus Tours

European guided bus tours cover a wide range of locations and interests, offering everything from general sight-seeing tours in Eastern Europe to ghost tours in London. You'll want to learn about the pros and cons before making the decision to book a tour.
  1. Types

    • European bus tours typically come in three styles. Roundabout trips take tourists past every location in one loop. Hop-on, hop-off trips travel along a circuit and allow individuals to hop off whenever something catches their interests. Mini guided tour trips have guides who lead the entire busload of tourists to the same stops.


    • Bus tours remove many of the common worries tourists face. Escorted tours allow travelers to enjoy the sights without worrying about foreign languages, train schedules, booking hotels or finding their way around an unfamiliar location.


    • Joining a bus tour takes away a large amount of choice. The group route overshadows any individual interests, and tourists traveling in a group only stay at any given sight for however long the tour guide decides. Bus tours prevent hassle, but reduce the "adventure" of being in a foreign land as a result.


    • Understand the details of any bus tour before signing up. Be sure to check the cancellation policy, tightness of the schedule, size of the group and amenities included.

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