Senior Transportation Options

It can be a challenge for seniors to find transportation. Since it is often dangerous for seniors with impaired driving abilities to operate a motor vehicle, it is important that alternatives be available. Thankfully, due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, alternative transportation must be provided for seniors and disabled persons. Utilizing these forms of transportation will require some local research.
  1. Senior Shuttles

    • A shuttle bus is a popular transportation vehicle for seniors.

      Senior transportation shuttle buses are funded in certain communities, and are also commonly available for seniors in assisted living communities. A shuttle bus will transport a senior from his home to a desired location, such as a store or friend's house, and will either wait or return later to take the senior back home. If a senior shuttle bus is not currently available to residents within a community, its residents might consider starting a petition to begin a senior transportation program.

    Driver Volunteer Program

    • Volunteers can help out by providing transportation for seniors.

      Driver volunteer programs exist where a volunteer will assist in driving seniors in their personal vehicle. According to USA Today, "In Olathe, Kan., Johnson County's Area Agency on Aging has 100 volunteers --- many of them retirees --- who provide 880 rides a month." Start a driver volunteer program in your community or personally volunteer for a senior in your life.

    Public Transportation

    • Public transportation is an option for seniors.

      If no other options are available, then a senior may choose to utilize public transportation. Depending on the location, this may be in the form of a bus, subway, trolley or light rail. This option is ideal for seniors who are unable to drive, yet are still intellectually sharp. If the senior cannot travel alone, his caregiver can simply have a volunteer travel with the senior, assuring that he reaches his destination and gets home safely.

    Taxi Cab

    • Riding the Taxi is an option for seniors.

      Seniors who do not live in an inner city area do not have immediate access to pubic transportation, making the taxi ideal for those who live in rural or suburban areas. And if the location is only a short distance away, such as a grocery store or pharmacy, then other public transportation options may be unnecessary. For long distances, a cab is likely to be cost-prohibitive for most seniors, however.

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