How to Pack a Garment Bag to Prevent Wrinkles in Suits

When traveling for business or to attend special events, you may need to pack a suit. You don't want your suit to wrinkle, so you need to pack carefully to avoid this. Using a garment bag is the first step in avoiding wrinkled suits, but the way you pack the bag makes a difference as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Plastic dry cleaner bags
  • Hangers
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      Put any heavy items you need to pack in the garment bag, such as shoes, in the bottom of the bag. This keeps them away from where the suits will hang, so they don't add bulk and create wrinkles.

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      Hang each suit neatly on a hanger, with tissue paper separating the pieces of the suit. The tissue paper helps keep air between the layers, making it less likely your clothes will wrinkle. Using wire hangers instead of bulkier plastic or heavier wood ones will minimize the space and weight they take up, keeping the shoulder areas of your suits smoother while making it easier to carry your garment bag.

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      Put a plastic dry cleaner bag over each suit, once it is on the hanger, and place it inside the garment bag. The plastic bags add another barrier to help prevent wrinkling. Once you have placed all your suits in the garment bag, zip it closed.

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